Startup Growth

We’re helping in building Multi-Million dollar startups from scratch!

What’s our Secret Sauce?

It is an invite-only program wherever we select and shortlist multiple Startups every month for an end to end Digital Product development and prepare them “market-ready.”

What is FindFirms Startup Lab?

Concrete market validation of your idea or product before you go all in.

We gave rebates, freebies and low-cost development methods to get their dream project began or to test the waters (market feasibility).
All of the outcomes built via FindFirms’s Startup Lab are enterprise-grade from day one.

That means, when your company is ready to scale, your products will be too — no clunky structures, no templated and no costly rewrites. 

Minimize Risk!

FindFirms – Startup Lab is the primary step to reduce this risk of failure by ousting guesswork and theories with practical validation and a stable problem-solution fit. Developing a technology product is incompetent until you have verified customer desire for your idea in the industry.

Proof of Concept to Potential Investors.

FindFirms – Startup Lab gives the actual business validation, which satisfies the absolute proof of VC’s need to appreciate the value of your product thoroughly. You get a PoC, roadmap, product budget estimations, sample pitch deck and procedures (business and tech).

Replace Assumptions with Facts and Data.

Behind every vision, there are several theories. FindFirms’s development teams will assist you in identifying each of these and certifying them through a comprehensive process of market validation and research.

What if no one wants?

FindFirms – Startup Lab assures that the product the entrepreneur’s ideas meets all the demands of the masses and has the potential to catch a considerable market share.

Methods of Validation and Development.

1. Design Sprints // Human Value

A design sprint is a time-constrained, 5D method that uses design thinking aiming to reduce the risk when beginning a new product, service or a story to the market. Comparing the value encountered by your spirits in traditional design methods vs design sprints.

2. FindFirms Discovery Phase

Our allies accompany a process of ultimately planning your business purposes, especially relating to your product’s value statement. Most importantly, plan everything based on the subject “Why are you starting your digital product”?
Together (you + developers) establish a vision, streamline product definition, imagine solutions and ultimately create an excellent clickable prototype.

3. Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) has several explanations for several people. With FindFirms – Startup Lab, our development partners will make sure that the minimum set of features are determined and developed (or deployed) for your ideal project.

MVP Deliverables Expected:

 Project Inception

 Sprint Planning

 Product Backlog Sign-off

 Design, Develop, Test, Ship!

 Incorporate feedback

 Product completion

4. Market-Ready Product!

Using Scrum and lean methodologies together, we support you launch your product more “efficiently” and reduce the risks linked with the software development cycle.