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Our Vetting Process

01 Submit Your Firm for Valuation (100%)

Agencies submit their profile to evaluate. We audit the pattern to check the legitimacy of the profile. The adoption criteria are verified track record, reviews from former clients and employees, visible ratings, converge on their core expertise, experience, headcount, and much more.

02 Experience Audit (54%)

Screening of portfolios will get done against the highest benchmarks, and interview of their previous clients to ensure they had a great experience.

03 In-Depth Skill Review (37%)

Software code will get assessed and study on open source contributions to guarantee consistent software structure and documentation methods.

04 Dummy Project (19%)

FindFirms do a dummy project with vendors to ensure quality. At times, dummy project will need to done to develop trust between both parties.

05 Continued Excellence (5%-7%)

The Zero-Tolerance behavior towards work and poor performance of firms followed. Acting so may end in the firm getting blacklisted permanently.

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