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Affinity benefits your team curate and grows its network by unlocking introductions to decision-makers.

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Affinity Relationship Intelligence CRM Overview

What is Affinity Relationship Intelligence CRM?

Affinity offers the insights you require to grow your multiple valuable relationships and explore untapped business possibilities through licensed technology that structures and explains billions of data points across your team’s digital messages.

Affinity benefits teams maintain and grow their channels by unlocking introductions to key decision-makers and auto-populating pipelines to improve deal flow. Affinity also practices context to your team’s contacts, so you eternally know who has spoken to whom and why.

In any enterprise where progress depends on managing high-touch relationships, Affinity enables you to get more profound insights into your system and finally ditch manual data entry.

    Product Description

    Affinity is a relationship intelligence program created to expand and evolve the conventional CRM. Affinity benefits your team curate and grows its network by unlocking introductions to decision-makers and auto-populating your pipeline to improve deal flow using AI and natural language processing.

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